Hopeless or New Hope ?

Since I was graduated from my Bachelor study. I am looking for an opportunity to enroll a postgraduate in Computer Science. Therefore, I must search for funding or scholarship. The information is spread easily throught social media and websites. However, it isn’t easy to get it. Compete with another applicants who better than me.

I already apply to several scholarships such as Russian Government Scholarship, Russia, Turkey Burslari YTB, Turkey, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia and Global Development Program University of Bradford, United Kingdom. Russia, I realized that I am foolish man. I didn’t accept their call to invite me Interview. Ohh… What a pity. I communicate them about my problem, but they didn’t care of it.

YTB has annoucement for selected applicants to interview on their local embassy. It was a long night I wait on email. But, there is no one invitation email that sent to me. Of course, maybe I am not the person to received their great scholarship.

How about the other scholarship?

I still trying to be awardee. Going forward, I take an IELTS test to support my document. I have some problem with time, I almost never to practicing the test. Ya Allah, please motivate me.

And next?
Now, I have some conversation with KAUST, with the name of Allah, I can study on their. Because, I dreaming when I study, I can bring my parent go to Umrah or maybe Hajj. Aaminn..

I trust, Allah have a great plan and Allah will give me that scholarships.

We will see what happens to the next.

*correct me if I am wrong on Grammar hahaha


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