Chilcot Report – The Iraq War Inquiry

The Iraq War

Today, The United Kingdom had published a big news about Iraq War. We’re all know this war that happened on 2003, the invasion of UK and USA to Iraq. The Chilcot report on Britain’s role in the war in Iraq, as well as scooping up the day’s other political goings-on.

Lord Chilcot’s inquiry into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war has taken seven years and cost more than £10m. On Wednesday he will publish his report, which is expected to criticise former prime minister Tony Blair, the intelligence services, diplomats and the armed forces. We look back at the events that led to an invasion widely regarded to be Britain’s biggest foreign policy mistake since the 1950s Suez crisis

What is the Chilcot Report?

Announced on 15 June 2009 by then prime minister Gordon Brown, the inquiry was tasked with examining Britain’s role in Iraq from the run-up to the war, the military action and its aftermath, spanning a period from 2001 to 2009. Predicted to take a year, the inquiry has instead taken seven and has cost £10m. The finished report runs to 12 volumes and 2.6m words.

This six-minute video explainer takes you through the background – and the key questions the report will attempt to answer.

and also watch this video about Tony Blair on Iraq from 2001 to 2016

This intriguing news can you follow by The Guardian Website here.


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